The Longevity Lifestyle concept

The Longevity concept is based on a preventive,personalised, predictive and participatory medicine.

By choosing this approach we are having an active role in avoiding the diseases that we fear so much, using simple, easy to implement methods that involve our participation. We are protecting our most precious asset – Health!
Through a synergy of diagnostics and assessments, anti-ageing therapies, postural realignment, monitoring of the physical condition, nutraceutical supplementation, regular detoxifcation, correct nutrition habits and excercising, Longevity promotes deep understanding of the causes of imbalances and offers individualised strategies to improve health and well-being.

Sustaining health, happiness and vitality is possible through proactive lifestyle choices: proper nutrition, regular exercise, natural supplements, hydration, rest, regular monitoring, regular detoxifcation, quality sleep, and taking responsibility for your health and happiness.

We offer integrated solutions that provide an improvement in:

  • Hormone Balance (Personalized hormonal therapy)
  • Vitality and Energy
  • States of Pain and Numerous Pathologies
  • Weight Management
  • Brain, Cardiovascular and Gastro-intestinal Health
  • Resistance to StressImmune System
  • Quality of Skin
  • Inflammatory States
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Health, Wellness, Self-Esteem and Quality of Life
  •  Personalized exercising program

Longevity Exclusive Formula

  • Longevity Multivitamin & Antiox Boost & Protect -To rebalance vitamin & mineral levels and body antioxidant power and to protect cellular DNA.
  •  Longevity Detox, Repair & Anti-Inflammation -To repair damaged cells and organs, to defend body from chronic inflammation (caused by Stress, Unbalanced Nutrition, Sedentarism, Pollution, Toxins).
  • Longevity Cellular & Cerebral Health Regeneration -To detoxify and regenerate cells and brain.
  • Longevity Cardio Protect & Regenerate -To regenerate the inflammation and oxidation effects on the cardio-vascular system and to protect cardiovascular health against daily aggressions of modern lifestyle.



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